We are simply a group of Christians seeking to follow the Bible as the sole authority in matters of religion.  If we will do exactly what early Christians did in New Testament times then we will be exactly what they were—New Testament Christians.  No more, no less.  We invite you to join our efforts to go back to the Bible and restore first-century Christianity in the twenty-first century.


Photo of Jeff Collet, Minister, Fairfield church of Christ, Bell Buckle, TN

Jeff Collet, Minister

Jeff Collet became a Christian in October 1990 at the University Church of Christ in Conway, AR.  He is a graduate of Memphis School of Preaching (2002) and Southern Christian University (2004) with a B.A. in Biblical Studies.  He preached for the Crown Point (IN) Church of Christ from  Nov. 2002 through Sep. 2013.  He has been preaching at Fairfield since Oct. 2013.  Jeff is married to Jennifer (Wilson) and they have 5 beautiful daughters.  Jeff is an avid cyclist and loves to read and spend time with his family.



Photo of Jimmy Hawkins, Elder

Jimmy Hawkins, Elder

Jimmy Hawkins has attended Fairfield his entire life.  He became a Christian in 1978.  He is married to Lisa (Lane) and they have 2 beautiful daughters.  Jimmy is a business owner and farmer.  Jimmy and Lisa are very active in the church and are a vital part of it.





Photo of Venson Hawkins, Elder, Fairfield church of Christ, Bell Buckle, TN

Venson Hawkins, Elder

Venson Hawkins has attended Fairfield his entire life and he has been a faithful Christian since 1956.  He is married to Faye (Phillips) and they have 2 successful sons, seven grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren.  Venson has been involved in many successful businesses and is also a farmer.  He and Faye are a beacon of light for truth in the community and very active in the work of the church.



Tom Rutledge, Elder, Fairfield church of Christ, Belle Buckle, TN

Tom Rutledge, Elder

Tom Rutledge became a Christian in 1961 in Elora, TN.  Tom and his family have been at Fairfield since 1995.  He is married to Fran (Maynard) and they have one son who also is a faithful member at Fairfield.  Tom retired from the State of Tennessee where he was an accountant and he now works full time as an accountant for the Manchester City Schools.  The Rutledges are the epitome of generosity both of their time and resources and they remain very active in all the works of the  church.




photo of Sonny Baker, deacon, Fairfield church of Christ, Bell Buckle, TN

William “Sonny” Robert Baker, Jr.

“Sonny” Baker, Jr. is married to Glenda (since 1962) and has lived in Wartrace all his life and practically on the same property. They have two daughters, Donna and Sheila, and four grandchildren (Kyle, Julia, Brandon, and Matthew). Sonny and Glenda are the epitome of meekness and faithfulness. It has been said by many in the community, “there is no better man in Bedford County than Sonny Baker”. Sonny handles most of the maintenance projects around the church building and Glenda is the Queen of encouragement by writing cards to each and every Christian at Fairfield for their birthdays or anniversaries or when they are ill. Sonny has worked at Coey Tanning Company since 1962.

Photo of Larry Dunn, Deacon, Fairfield church of Christ, Bell Buckle, TN

Larry Dunn

Larry Dunn is a Vietnam Veteran having served in the United States Navy from 1958-1966. He then worked for UPS from 1968-1995 accepting several assignments and promotions and moving many times throughout the country. Larry is married to Donna (since 1980) and they have a son (Chip), a daughter (Lona), and a grandson (Tripp) from Lona and her husband Mitchell. Larry and Donna are very active in the work of the church at Fairfield. Larry currently organizes the Bible Classes and both he and Donna teach often. Donna is also heavily involved in the planning of our annual Ladies Day and in the twice a month Ladies Classes. The Dunns’ have been at Fairfield since 2010.

Photo of Todd Wright, Deacon, Fairfield church of Christ, Bell Buckle, TN

Todd Wright

Todd Wright is married to Christa (since 1989) and they have 4 children (Lauren, Autumn, Katie, and Andrew) and one grand-daughter (Brooklyn) from Lauren and her husband Caleb. Todd is a Helicopter Pilot for the Army National Guard and has served actively in Iraq. The Wrights have been at Fairfield since 2000. Todd and Christa are very active at Fairfield especially with planning both Youth and Adult activities and service projects.